Commercial Roofing Projects

Shelter Construction probably looks like just another good exterior construction contractor – which we are, but we are more than that.

When it comes to understanding the full value of what we offer our commercial clients, you need to understand that we have a different approach. We are your partner in “Loss prevention and value preservation”.


Here is how we do that:

  1. Inventory and property inspections – using a variety of technologies, we inventory your building (as required by your insurance policy) and establish a baseline of condition, which is critical in the casualty loss world (the #1 reason legitimate claims are denied is the inability to prove when the loss occurred, which is the Insured’s responsibility).
  2. Annual re-inspections, and inspections triggered by our diligent tracking of storm data – if there is a likelihood of your property being affected by a storm, we will be on top of it.
  3. Bringing the Right Team to the table: the insurance claims process is a stacked deck against the average property owner. With us on your team, we understand the nuances of the process, having the effect of leveling the playing field. When we add our knowledge of managing thousands of claims each year, along with the talents of our allied professionals in the fields of Public Adjusting, Forensic Engineering, Property Appraisal, and Insurance Law. When it comes to complicated commercial property claims, our experience has taught us the best way to win a property owner friendly award is to be more prepared than the insurance company at the point of first inspection.
  4. Last but not least – understanding codes, regulations, getting the right materials, and the right installation talent in place to get you full recovery from your loss – this is what we do, and we do it better than any construction company we have met.