Loss Prevention

Commercial Roofing Projects

Preserving the value of your building is a big part of thriving in your business.

If you wait until after damage occurs, you may be too late.

Here are the basics we believe EVERY RESPONSIBLE building owner or manager should take to be ahead of the Loss Prevention Game.

  1. Do an inventory of your building on a regular basis. Establishing condition and quantity is critical and basic to a successful claim should a loss occur. Shelter Construction can help you with this using our E360 3D modeling and our drone imagery technologies.
  2. When disaster strikes and loss occurs, always have an advocate to assist you in negotiating your position with your insurance carrier. This does not necessarily have to be adversarial, but understand, your insurance carrier wants EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what you want. You need an ADVOCATE.
  3. Be Involved. Whether your advocate is Shelter Construction, an attorney, or a public adjuster, you and only you are a party to the contract with the insurance carrier. And the old saying is true, the squeaky wheel does get the oil. Be willing to squeaky if and when needed.
  4. Construction and Claims Management requires Craftsmanship, Coordination, and Commitment to the entire process for the whole process to come together to a successful conclusion. Make certain you have the right advocates who can assemble the right team.

Sounds daunting?

It can be…. But fortunately, since you are here on our website, you have come to the right place. This is what we do, and we do it very, very well. Shelter from the Storm starts here!

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