Does A New Roof Lower Insurance?

September 27th, 2022

Are you planning to own a home? Do you know the insurance policies in your state? Maybe these and many other questions are disturbing your peace of mind.

Don’t worry as you will get the best answers here. One more question, how old is your roof? If your roof is new and made of durable material, you will pay less for insurance cover.

You will agree with me that the old roof is vulnerable to destruction from the effects of Mother Nature. Some of the impacts come from hail, snowfall, or even the ice-fall. If you come from the northern part of the US, there are tornadoes together with cyclones. In tropical climates, it will get an impact from hurricane-force wind and gales.

Will you charge the same amount for the new roof? Are we in agreement now? A new roof will cost less compared to the old ones.

In some regions, old roofs above 20 years are not even insured. Many companies assume that the roof needs maintenance. In case of leaking or the presence of holes, it is due to old age. I advise you to replace your roof before it is about 20 years.

As I have mentioned earlier, the older the roof, the more you must pay for the insurance cover. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a home, consider the age of your roof. Some insurance companies will deny paying you for older roofs, and in case of damages, even if it is due to nature, they will claim that the leakage is a result of general wear and tear.

Preventing roof problems

You should know that it is your responsibility to care for your property. Don’t ignore thinking that the insurance company will repay you for the damages on your roof. When they send inspectors, they may claim that it’s due to negligence.

Hire inspectors to be rechecking your premises regularly and advise you accordingly. Ensure that your roof is free from debris and doesn’t collect water. Trim all trees hanging near or even touching your roof. Then check your roof for any chances of loose or fallen shingles, especially after the downpour.

After you have noticed a problem with your roof, call your insurance company and report immediately. Remember to take and keep photos of your new roof. The pictures will act as evidence for the original state of the roof.

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