Our Team Approach

Shelter Construction Team

Roofing Companies come in all shapes and sizes, ranging anywhere in size from some dude who slapped a logo on his pickup truck early this week, to huge national storm chasers who follow bad weather around the country devouring easy storm related reroofs with no real investment in the local market.

Shelter Construction is mid-sized, we like to think right sized, and perfectly positioned to do your work – and be around 10 to 20 years from now should you need a warranty call, or heaven forbid, disaster strikes again.

Currently we are headquartered in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and have the capacity to do about 1000 projects a year. We also have an office presence in the Denver metro area to service that large storm damage market. From these two offices we have the capacity to service work within 6 hours of either office, efficiently and with high quality. This allows us cover, when disaster strikes, most of the upper Midwest. But the Twin Cities, and now Denver, are what feels like home.

Doing 1000 projects a year takes a lot of talent, and a really good team.

It starts with our sales people and canvassers – they are rigorously trained and all very committed to the Shelter way of doing business.

Our sales people are supported by sales managers on a continuous basis, and these managers have decade of experience in all facets of exterior construction.

Our in house estimating, insurance negotiating and claims processing team is built to effectively manage these 1000’s of claims giving each one the personal attention they deserve. We understand that your home, your building, and your claim is truly the most important claim in the world to YOU, and we treat it as such.

Sometimes the claim gets a little tricky, and we need engineers, appraisers, public adjusters, even attorneys to get things right – each job is a little different, but when these talents are needed, we have a host of talented professionals that we can add to the team, whatever is right for your job.

Once we get the claim right, it is time to pass the job over to our talented operations and production staff – logistics, material deliveries, dumpster locations, scheduling, coordinating multiple trains, project clean up, quality control and customer satisfaction…. We have team members assigned to each one of these vital tasks to make sure your job is done right.

Then it is back to collections and claim management, where we make certain your insurance processing and final settlement payment goes smoothly, mortgage companies are satisfied, warranties are registered, permits are closed…. every detail attended to. Team members here, too.

Not to mention our suppliers, starting with our partner GAF, a $7 billion dollar company that stands behind every warranted roof we sell, hosts of dedicated vendors, dumpster suppliers, and the very best installing subcontractors available anywhere, the list goes on and on.

Our goal since our founding has been to be one thing – the best storm damage restoration company in the business. Don’t get me wrong…. There is always, ALWAYS room for improvement. We believe in the benefits of staying humble and hungry. But when that canvasser, or that salesperson, is at your door and says our team approach makes us “the best in the business”, they believe it, and they mean it, and 99 jobs out of 100, our customers, at the end of the process, agree.

Like I said, room for improvement, always.


The Shelter Construction Family