Residential Worry Free Roof Solutions

Not all roofs or materials are created equal. Anyone who says “a roof is a roof” has no clue what they are doing or saying.
We have three paths available to you to get a worry-free roof – Here’s how:

GAF Golden Pledge Warranty: The absolute best warranty available in the roofing industry today:

Shelter wants to give you a roof that will last a lifetime. In order to do that we offer a warranty that lasts a lifetime, couple that with the best and most durable materials in the business, you will have a roof that will be able to withstand any type of damage that mother nature wants to throw at you.

The Golden Pledge Warranty:

The Golden Pledge is guaranteed to last you a lifetime. With a 50 year lifespan, the Golden Pledge is better than all other warranties in the business and will keep your roof off your mind for good.

Golden Pledge Details:

Material Defect Coverage

100% Coverage Period: 50 yrs. – (3 to 5yrs on 3 tabs)
Covers Roofing System?: Yes, the entire system
Cost of installation labor included: Lifetime – (25-30 yrs/ 3 tab)

Workmanship Coverage

100% coverage period: 25 years

Misapplication of certain flashings covered: 25 years

Installer Certified? Yes

Tear-Off costs Included: Yes

Disposal costs Included: Yes

Problem Prevention

Exclusive 40-Point Inspection? Yes

Peace of Mind

“Maximum” wind coverage up to 130 MPH – Category 3 Hurricane wind speed available? Yes (Not on 3 Tab)

Warranty Transferable? Yes

Free Transfer? Yes

Good Housekeeping Protection? Yes

For more details on other great Shelter warrantees click on the images below.

Class 4 Impact resistant shingles: – Let our knowledgeable field inspectors advise you to see if your home is a good candidate for an Impact resistant shingle from GAF. These shingles are designed to withstand most hail and wind storms. See the GAF website for more information – combined with our Golden Pledge Warranty, this is strong protection at a reasonable price.

Varitile Stone Coated Steel roofing: – Varitile might just be the most technologically sophisticated roofing product available in the world today – a great product for retrofit or new construction. Varitile will help you save energy, while also providing solutions for homes with chronic ice dam problems. It has styles that work with and enhance the value of most architectural styles, and impact resistance far superior to what even the best asphalt products can offer.