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Storm and Disaster Recovery

Taking immediate action after a weather event will limit damages and minimize the secondary effects on your home. If your roof, siding, or windows have been damaged by a storm, we can provide comprehensive service and support. If you’ve been hit by another kind of disaster, be it fire, water, or vandalism, our extensive experience can help.

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All Shelter projects are managed by our dedicated project management staff. We use only proven and experienced crews for our projects, and your project manager will be your Shelter “go to” person from the start of your project through cleanup–you’ll always know that there is someone deeply knowledgeable about you and your home.

Insurance Claims Experts

When your property has been affected by a storm, you know you need a competent contractor. What you may not know is that you need an insurance claims expert who can “level the playing field” when managing your claim. Every insurance claim is a negotiation, and the deck is stacked against the homeowner. We will help you navigate the complex insurance process without getting run over or shortchanged by your insurance company. It is almost impossible on your own, but with the Shelter team on your side, you have your best chance of being made whole without a ton of hassle and headache.

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“Shelter Construction was incredible to work with from start to finish. Bob was the greatest salesman of all time. He helped us connect with our insurance company to get the ball rolling as our roof was very noticeably damaged from the storm. Nikki educated my husband and I on what to expect related to the billing, insurance, etc. The timeline of work to be completed was clear and communicated. The project manager updated us as needed and provided his direct cell phone if questions or concerns arose. The roofing and siding team you were contracted with were professional and courteous. I would recommend Shelter to my family and friends.” – Tom/Lindsay C.

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