What You Can Do to Prepare for Construction Day

September 27th, 2022

April 10th, 2020

So you’ve decided to have major exterior work done on your home and you’ve chosen a contractor to work with. The next step is to have the work done. Shelter provides every one of our clients with a list of project expectations so that you can feel better knowing that you’ve taken the proper steps to ensure your home will be as prepared as possible. We’re sharing the highlights here:

Before the Build

If you have decided to work with us, there are a few things that we specifically ask that you do before the day of your build. You may decide you want to do them even if you aren’t working with us.

Mow your lawn

One of the things that we ask you to do is to have your lawn mowed within two days of your build. This will help ensure that we can find nails and other small debris that are discarded during the build.

Make notes around your home

Another thing we ask our customers to do is to walk around their home and make notes about any pre-existing defects that are unrelated to the storm damage repairs that we are performing and provide this information to our project manager.


At Shelter, we do everything possible to avoid this by placing tarps and plywood to catch and deflect debris away from sensitive areas but understand that major construction projects can have an impact on your landscaping.

Move decorative items and outdoor furniture away from your house

Efficient construction involves a lot of material and heavy equipment being moved about quickly. That is why we advise you to move any items (statues, outdoor furniture, etc.) that could get damaged away from your house. While we do our best to provide protection for your landscaping and deck, we cannot move furniture and other objects.

When your dumpster arrives, it will effectively block you from entrance and exit to your garage. MOVE YOUR CAR TO THE STREET before your dumpster arrives.

Take down wall hangings and pictures

The application of new shingles, siding, gutters, or whatever work you are having done can cause vibrations within your home. We recommend that you remove any valuables or pictures from your walls and any items that you may have sitting on shelves. Just to be safe, it would be a wise idea to move ANYTHING that you find valuable that you think could be broken due to vibrations.

It’s loud

Exterior projects of any kind are loud. Especially the kind of project that you will be having done on your home. Depending on the type of work you are having done on your home, you may find the noise to be overwhelming. The best place to go to avoid the banging hammers will be the basement. It will be the quietest place in your house and will give you at least a bit of a break from all the noise that will be going on.

Give us time to clean up

Once the work is complete, Shelter calls in an order for the permit to be finalized, for the dumpster to be picked up, and for excess materials to be returned. We also pick up debris and run a magnet roller to pick up loose nails and small items. While we try to achieve this post-job checklist as quickly as possible, we do ask your patience for a day or two while we finish this vital part of the job.

Having an exterior project of any kind done on your home is a big undertaking, and roofing, siding, windows, or gutters are no exception. If you feel nervous or are worried that your home might not be prepared for these projects, just follow these steps and the process will go smoothly. You will be looking at a beautiful, new-looking home in no time.


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