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Quality Construction Services You Can Rely On

Providing quality home improvement services in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin since 2008.

I need help with:

Quality Construction at a reasonable price

You won’t have to settle for poor quality. You will get a beautiful improvement at a fair price.

Wants and needs that are valued

You’re treated like family, which is why catering to your vision is the most important mission.

Improvements that last for years to come

Quality materials allow you to rest assured that your new roof will protect your home.

Roof replacement

A Poorly installed roof will cost you expensive repairs in the future

  • Poor Initial Installation.  Once a poorly installed roof begins showing signs of damage, the necessary repairs will have a domino effect.
  • Unskilled Contractors.  Contractors neglecting to use concise expert-level skills when installing your roof ultimately endanger you and your family.
  • Liability.   When a poorly trained roofing crew begins a project on your property, a lack of insurance could mean any injuries or damages that occur could come out of your pocket.
  • Wasted Money.  All of the topics mentioned here will result in a vast amount of wasted money. 

Your Values will be at the forefront of your home improvement project

At Shelter, we believe that your values should be an essential aspect of your home improvement project. You know what’s best for your home, and your vision should not only be met, but exceeded. You should never have to wonder if your contractor is going to take your desires into consideration or not, or keep you in the dark throughout the duration of your project.

That is why we make it our mission to provide you with expert-level care and communication in order to bring your dream home to life for you.

Roof replacement

Begin your home improvement project in 3 simple steps

At Shelter, you’re treated like family, which means keeping your best interests at heart. Your roofing project will be as stress-free as possible, providing you with all of the information that you need in order to make an informed decision.

Schedule Your Home Improvement Project 

Start by scheduling an appointment with one of our highly trained Field Representatives. They will tell you everything you need to know.

Choose The Best Fit For You

After you’ve taken the time to consider the materials that best suit you, it’s time to choose your favorite! Your Representative will help evaluate your decision, and get your project scheduled with our production team.

Enjoy Your New And Improved Home

As soon as your assigned crew begins your project, you can sit back and relax as the project unfolds in front of you. Soon, you’ll have the best looking home on the block.

Hear From your Neighbors

Helping homeowner

Choose a Construction Company That Suits You

At the end of the day, you know what will work and what is best for you and your family. While you make your decision on choosing a company that suits you, it is important to remember that not every construction company is made the same.

Choosing a general contractor who has honed their craft at an expert level is the most important aspect. You want a stellar roof put on your home, not a mediocre one. So, remember to do your research into the companies of your choice, and choose the one you think fits best into your life.

Shelter Construction Roofing Experts

The roof is one essential part of a house that people tend to ignore. While it protects its residents and property from the harsh weather elements, it also takes the worst beating. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every homeowner to care of their roofing. At shelter Construction LLC, we ensure that our customers have a hardy roof to enjoy the comfort and protection of their homes.

Benefits of Hiring us as your Roofer in Minneapolis MN

At Shelter Construction LLC, we strive to provide the best experience for our clients. Our team is friendly and time-efficient to provide roofing services promptly. Besides, we also take into consideration the customers' opinions in every step of the process. A comprehensive roofing service begins with a thorough inspection. Our technicians give a free inspection of the roof within 24 hours of booking an appointment to know the extent of the damage. Also, the inspection process allows us to know whether our client needs roof repair or replacement.

We are Amongst the Top Roofing Companies in Minneapolis MN, and Will Install Your Roof Correctly

Shelter Construction LLC is among the top 3% of contractors that have Master Elite certification in the US. Our certified workers have earned the company a fantastic reputation for delivering quality roof installation.
Another aspect that sets us apart is our industry-leading warranties. Our services come with GAF Golden Pledge Warranty to last a lifetime. Not only is it inclusive of the entire system, but it is also free to transfer. It only goes to show our customers the high level of confidence that we have in our roof installation services.
Roofing services are not a small investment. While this does not mean that one has to break a bank, it is necessary to find professionals that care about the integrity of their job and customers’ finances. We have insurance expertise to act as our clients advocate with the insurance company. With our in-house estimators, we can quickly review the insurance coverage to ensure that our customers get the most out of the policy.
Our customer service also caters for all our customers' inquiries and concerns. Our staff professional is from the start to the completion of the project, but we also remain responsive and efficient throughout the entire process. Furthermore, we do a follow up to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our work.

We Use Advanced Safety Measures for Roofing in Minneapolis MN

At shelter Construction LLC, we understand the risks associated with the roofing business. We are dedicated to ensuring our members' safety, building occupants, properties, and other people at the job site. Therefore, to maintain our safety goals, all our employees begin safety training on employment. This training aims at developing the workers’ ability to identify and prevent any possible safety hazards. Also, it ensures that all activities are done with the highest regard for safety.
The prior inspection of the job sites also allows the workers to focus on the potential safety hazards and how to avoid them. Also, we ensure to follow the federal OSHA regulations and safety policies, which include safety signs and wearing personal protective gear. As one of the safest roofing company with a low EMR rating, we are fully insured for our customers’ total protection.

We will Save You Money in The Long Run for Roof Repair in Minneapolis, Minnesota

We specialize in roofing services for both residential and commercial settings. Our commitment to providing customer satisfaction propels us to provide our customers with the best solutions for their roofing needs. For this, we use premium materials for roofing installations and repairs. With our regular roofing maintenance services, we can catch a problem early on before it manifests and worsens. This process allows us to fix the issue early, thereby reducing the repair cost that would have been otherwise huge if detected later.
Leaks in a commercial or residential roof system can cause more stress and money than necessary, ranging from damage to the drywall, carpeting, equipment, furniture, and possible loss of business products. At Shelter Construction LLC, we perform roof leak repairs and fix system malfunctions to prevent any loss or damage to our customers' property. There is no problem too small or too big to handle.

Working with Us as Your Roofing Contractor in Minneapolis MN Will Allow for Hassle-Free Installations

At Shelter Construction LLC, we understand that the service of a sound roofing system depends on the quality of materials, design, and installation. Therefore, we always strive to provide high-value levels to our clients through high-quality building products from reputable brands. Besides, these products feature warranties and are affordable to allow the customers to secure their comfort and safety without drying their wallets.
Besides competitive pricing, our team is experienced in handling any roofing and challenges to provide excellent work. We are further updated on the current trends to allow our clients to keep the value of their buildings. Our staff is disciplined and respects the clients' home and personal space during the entire process.

You Can Build a Solid Working Relationship with Us as Your Roofers in Minneapolis MN

With our years of roofing experience, we have witnessed the anguish and stress that homeowners face, especially during storms or natural disasters. Therefore, we are committed to providing a haven for our customers when dealing with weather associated damages. Our staff is also comprised of the locals, which makes us familiar to our customers.
We are available for phone calls on any inquires or concerns about your roofing system. With our excellent customer service, our customers can effectively troubleshoot any issue. We further provide detailed information to our clients’ satisfaction. Furthermore, we are always available for emergency services, and our schedule if flexible for the customers’ convenience. Regardless of the cause of concern, we are ready to help.

We Put Value Behind Our Work as a Top Roofing Company in Minneapolis MN

At Shelter Construction LLC, we pride ourselves in providing a lasting solution to keep our clients’ homes safe. We use premium construction material to guarantee the strong durability of the roofing system. The warranties also ensure that our customers' roofing needs are secured for a long time. What is more, is that our roofing components and craft ensure that a client gets an aesthetically appealing home.

How to find the right roofing contractors in Minneapolis MN

With the many roofing services providers in Minneapolis, it is challenging to find the right contractor that is both affordable and reliable. Once one knows what to look for when choosing a roofing contractor, finding them is easy. Today, nearly all providers have an online presence. All you need to do is Google for reliable roofing service providers in the area of choice. Compare their qualities and select appealing ones.
One can also ask for recommendations from their friends and relatives to find the best contractor based on their experiences. Get details such as the names and numbers. Call or research about them.

We, As One of the Top-Rated Minneapolis Roofing Companies, Explain How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

As a homeowner or building manager, one of your top priorities is the roof. However, it usually goes unnoticed until it begins to leak. Here are a few signs to show its time to replace the roof.
• If the roof has reached the end of its life span
• Missing and curling shingles
• Missing granules
• Dark stains caused by algae growth
• Sunlight in the attic
• Unappealing appearance
We provide affordable roof replacement with no hidden charges. Our project manager goes over everything with the customers to ensure that their concerns are considered. Don’t procrastinate replacing the roof for too long because it may lead to more complications.

We Provide High-Quality Minneapolis Roofing Services

At Shelter Construction LLC, we have a trained and certified team to care for our clients' varying needs and designs. With years of dedication and hands-on experience, we have the technical knowledge to guarantee the client of a worthy investment. Each of our members is highly trained and offers excellent craftsmanship. Whether you are into flat roofs or sloped roofs, we’ve got you covered. Our services further involve cleaning the work sites for the convenience of the customers.

Hire Us for Your Minneapolis Commercial Roofing Contractors

If you are looking for excellence and top-notch roofing experience, call us today to book an appointment. Not only are we affordable than our competition, but we also provide trustworthy, written warranties that can be transferred. We are certified in offering services such as:
• Roofing repairs.
• Maintenance services.
• Premium roofing system installation
• Roofing replacement

We will Perform Your Roof Leak Repair in Minneapolis MN at Affordable Cost

At Shelter Construction LLC, we are dedicated to providing excellent roofing services at an affordable price to all families in Minneapolis. Roof leaks are easy and quick to repair with little cost. However, the pricing depends on the extent of the damage. Call us now to enjoy inspection at zero cost.

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