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Building Trust, One Connection At A Time

Unlock the door to a new era of collaboration! At Shelter Construction, we're not just about building roofs; we're about constructing lasting relationships with insurance agents. Here's a sneak peek into how we're redefining trust in the insurance landscape.

Our Unique Approach

Precision in Assessment

Ever felt lost in the chaos of claim submissions? We stand out by not just turning in claims but by accurately assessing damage. It's not about quantity; it's about quality. We focus on the "how" to do it right, ensuring a smoother ride for both agents and homeowners.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Claims denied? We transform negatives into positives by guiding agents and homeowners through the process. Explaining the power of second inspections and proactive solutions, we go beyond fixing roofs—it's about building trust and boosting confidence in our knowledge.

Class 3 Shingles with Zero Upcharge

Picture this—a claim that runs smoothly, and the homeowner's premium decreases! Shelter provides Class 3 shingles with no upcharge, a rare gem in the insurance landscape. We're here to make agents and their clients not just satisfied but thrilled with the results.

Ready to Experience the Shelter Difference?

 Schedule a meeting with our team, and let's turn possibilities into realities. It's not just about construction;

it's about building a future of trust and collaboration in the insurance industry.

Advantages of Working with Us

We Deliver Peace of Mind

We deliver peace of mind to your clients. When we complete an inspection and report to the homeowners that their property is not damaged, we consider that a win. You don't hear many storm restoration contractors say that!

Celebrating Agent Excellence

Your success is our success. From "Homeowner, you picked a great agent" to emailing agents about outstanding efforts, we're committed to making you shine. Without lifting a finger, we amplify agent excellence, ensuring our collaboration reflects the brilliance of your team.

Relationships, and Real Connections

Roofing seasons come and go, but the season for agent networking lasts throughout the year. Conversation between Insurance agents and contractors help create shared experiences and real-life examples that empower one another.

Strategic Insights for Informed Decision-Making

Gain access to exclusive strategic insights and data-driven analyses that empower agents in making informed decisions. Elevate your understanding of the Roofing landscape and stay ahead in the competitive insurance market with Shelter's commitment to excellence.

Let's Build a Future Together, One Connection at a Time!

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