June 24, 2021

Can You Reroof in the Rain?

Rain hitting a roof

Reroofing can have various causes, such as damaged tiles or leaks. You have control over various factors, including the contractor, material used, the roof color, and others. However, there is one factor beyond your control: the weather. So can you reroof in the rain?


Is it Secure to Replace the Roof during the Rainy Season?


Roofing in the rain needs a lot of care. Some contractors advise you to postpone while others opt to carry on with the job. Some cases can be severe, and waiting is not an option.

We suggest you talk to your roofer and decide on the best method. Most contractors also prefer to work at lower temperatures. As the owner, the risks you are facing determine your choice to reroof in the rain.


How Contractors Roof in the Rain


As expert roofers, we can assure you that reroofing during the rainy season requires a measured tactic. Instead of making a full cut to replace the roof, you may decide to do this in sections. This applies to full replacements or small repairs.

On the other hand, replacing the roof in the rain can give you a chance to see whether the water drains as expected. You can also find out if your roofers solved the issue or not.


Disadvantages of Reroofing in the Rain

1. Replacing a Roof in the Rain can Void Your Roof’s Warranty

Most roof manufacturers only warranty their products, not the connection process. They provide specific procedures for installing the products they offer, which means the producer is not accountable for any damage resulting from poor installation.

For instance, if a roofer (with your consent) chooses to fix the roof in adverse weather conditions, the manufacturer is entitled to cancel your warranty, resulting in costly long-term repairs on your part.

2. Shingles may not Work Well in Wet Areas

Fixing your roof in the rain can cause roof failure because certain roofing and tile materials might not work efficiently with smooth surfaces that retain high humidity. If the wood is damp during replacement, it may also easily trap moisture from the roof, promoting mold growth or other harms.


Turn to the Pros at Shelter Construction


At Shelter, we perform free inspections and consultations. We will perform minor repairs during the inspection to small damage that we find. Call us at 612-284-6985 or schedule an inspection today on our website!

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