June 17

Can you put new roofing shingles over old ones?


Wind damaged roofing shingle

Picture it: You’re standing outside looking up at the bright, blue sky when you see out of the corner of your eye. You grab your ladder and scale the side of your house only to find what you fear the most. Your roofing shingles are lifting. A few of them even flew off during the last thunderstorm. Most homeowners panic and think they’ll have to sell everything they own to afford a new roof because it’s impossible to lay new roof shingles over old ones. Or is it?




The first step is determining whether you can reshingle is a proper roof evaluation. Some roofs can be reshingled simply by putting new ones over the old ones. Reshingling not only saves time but labor costs as well.


Benefits of Reshingling


Laying new shingles over the old ones comes with a slew of benefits. From a financial standpoint, homeowners can save thousands compared to ripping off an old roof with a new install. In addition, reshingling can also look as good as a new roof, upping your home’s resale value. And depending on which types of roofing shingles you choose and the company that installs them, you could also have an extended manufacturer’s warranty.


Situations When You Need a New Roof


Even with so many benefits of putting new shingles over old ones, there are times when it just won’t work. Since most building codes only allow two layers of shingles on a roof, laying new ones may be prohibited. If it’s a commercial property, you might have to rip the roof entirely if it fails inspection. From a residential standpoint, you’re better off replacing your roof if it continually leaks when it rains, feels spongy and soft, or has gaping holes. If this happens, your roof may not support the additional weight of the shingles. It could collapse.


To Shingle or Not to Shingle


Putting new shingles over the old ones is possible. However, there are also times when it just won’t work. If you need clarification on whether it needs replacing, it’s always best to consult a roofing expert instead of just winging it.


Turn to the Pros at Shelter Construction


At Shelter, we perform free inspections and consultations. We will perform minor repairs during the examination to small damage that we find. Call us at 612-284-6985 or schedule an inspection today on our website!


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