Robbinsdale, Minnesota is a vibrant city located in the Hennepin County of the United States. The city is situated about 10 minutes northwest of Minneapolis and covers an area of 2.98 square miles. With a population of approximately 14,388 people, Robbinsdale offers a small-town atmosphere while still being close to the amenities and attractions of a major city. The community values its high quality of life, excellent schools, and great outdoor activities. In this article, we will delve deeper into the community aspect, attractions, population, and economy of Robbinsdale, MN. Don’t forget to check out this place in Fridley, MN , too.


If you’re looking for a community that values togetherness, you will find that in Robbinsdale. Robbinsdale is a city that is known for its welcoming and friendly nature. The residents of Robbinsdale work tirelessly to promote a spirit of unity and inclusiveness that sets it apart from many other communities. The city organizes various events throughout the year that are designed to bring members of the community closer together. These events provide an opportunity for residents to connect and socialize, and also celebrate the cultural diversity of the area.

Robbinsdale also features a range of recreational facilities and parks that make it perfect for outdoor activity enthusiasts. There are over seven parks located throughout the city that offers outdoor activities such as playgrounds, sports fields, hiking trails, picnic areas, and more. Whether you enjoy biking, hiking, or just spending time outdoors, you can find something to do in Robbinsdale.


Robbinsdale is home to several attractive destinations that are perfect for exploring. The top three attractions in the city are the Crystal Lake, the Victory Park, and the North Memorial Health Hospital. Each of these destinations offers a unique perspective of Robbinsdale.

Crystal Lake is a fishable lake that is perfect for those who enjoy spending time fishing. Visitors are welcome to fish off the 50-foot fishing pier or from the shore. The lake is home to several species of fish, including largemouth bass, sunfish, and northern pike. Additionally, the lake is ideal for kayaking or canoeing.

Victory Park is another excellent destination in Robbinsdale. The park features nature trails, playgrounds for children, picnic areas, and sports fields. The recreational facilities make it an ideal destination for families, especially those looking to enjoy outdoor activities.

North Memorial Health Hospital is another must-visit destination in Robbinsdale. The hospital is founded on the principle of providing quality healthcare to the community, and it provides the latest medical technologies to enhance patient care. The hospital employs a significant number of people in the community, making it an essential component of the city’s economy.


Robbinsdale is a relatively small community with a population of approximately 14,388 people. The city has a median age of 37.6 years, with a gender distribution of 47.5% male and 52.5% female. Additionally, the city is quite diverse, with about 29% of its population consisting of people of color. The city’s residents work tirelessly to promote inclusiveness and unity among different cultures.


The economy of Robbinsdale is quite dynamic, with a mix of healthcare, education, and manufacturing industries. The city’s position along major transport routes and its proximity to the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area make it an ideal destination for businesses that require easy access to major highways and roads.

Robbinsdale is also home to several retail and commercial establishments that provide a range of goods and services to residents. The city is home to the Crystal Shopping Center, which includes several shops, services, and restaurants. Additionally, the city is the proud home of the Robbinsdale Area Schools District, which includes six elementary schools, two middle schools, and a high school.

The city’s healthcare industry is also a significant contributor to the economy. The North Memorial Health Hospital employs a significant number of people in the community and provides quality medical care to residents and visitors.


Robbinsdale, MN, is an excellent community that offers a high quality of life for residents. It’s a city that values togetherness and promotes inclusiveness among all its members. The city has several recreational facilities and parks that are perfect for outdoor activity enthusiasts. Additionally, the community boasts a range of attractive destinations that are perfect for exploring. The city’s economy is quite dynamic, with a mix of different industries contributing to its growth. Overall, Robbinsdale is a great place to live, work and play! If you are in need of a roofing company, click here.