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What is a roof over?


Full roof replacement


Taking care of your roof is a priority for any homeowner. A roof over is something that should be on your checklist. For 2022, let us take a very close look at what a roof over is and why you should consider it.


Roof over basics


To start things off, what is a roof over? A roof over is an additional layer that covers the exterior of your home. It protects the roof and also provides a clean finish to people on the street. The best part is that your roof can stay completely intact from start to end. You are simply adding on to what already exists.




A roof over has many benefits. Because the roof over is made of a reflective material, some sunlight gets reflected back into the atmosphere. This makes your home cooler overall and cuts down on the cost of appliances. A roof over is also highly stable. It is a reinforcement for your regular roof, so you effectively have two layers of materials that cover your household.

Roof overs also have surprisingly long lifespans. Although they might resemble a regular roof, the material is extremely durable. You almost never have to seek a second roof over to complement the first one.


Compatible roofs


Last but not least, which roofs are compatible with roof overs? The good news is, pretty much all of them. As discussed above, you’re adding on another layer, so it really doesn’t matter what your existing roof is composed of. You’ll also be pleased to know that roof overs are possible on even the steepest roofs. The only time you might run into trouble is when you try to apply a roof over to a very old home. Even then, with a little bit of care, there’s a good chance it’s doable.

This year, when all is said and done, a roof over is an effective way of protecting your roof. There are many benefits to this approach that traditional roofing can’t accomplish. Upkeep your property with a proper roof over!


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