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Navigating the Insurance Claim Maze: Your Safe Path with Shelter Construction LLC


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Facing the aftermath of a storm can be daunting, especially with the worries about home insurance claim, restoration work, and choosing the right contractor. Shelter Construction LLC understands the confusion and stress that can come with it all, and they’re here to turn that daunting process into a breeze. As a conscientious homeowner, you’re not just looking for the quickest fix; you need real professionals who care about your home and your peace of mind.

Step 1: Alleviate Anxiety with a Free Inspection

Just pick up the phone and dial 612-284-6985, and you’re on your way to peace of mind. Shelter Construction offers a free exterior storm damage inspection without any obligations or high-pressured sales, and it’s the starting point of your journey to home restoration. This inspection is more than just a cursory glance; it’s a chance for a skilled professional to assess your roof and provide you with a thorough understanding of any damage.


Step 2: Filing the Insurance Claim – You’re Not Alone

Discovering hail or wind damage is never a comfortable situation, but it does mean you’re one step closer to reclaiming your safe space. Shelter Construction stands by your side, working with you to file the necessary insurance claim with your provider. Navigating the paperwork and process can be a headache, but with experienced professionals to guide you, it’s a hurdle easily cleared.


Step 3: The Adjuster’s Inspection

Insurance adjusters will come out to perform their own inspection and damage assessment. This is a critical step, and it’s key to have a Shelter Construction representative present to ensure all damage is accurately reported. Through a detailed inspection report and photographic evidence, the adjuster makes their recommendation, and Shelter Construction fights for your fair assessment.


Step 4: From Assessment to Insurance Claim

If the adjuster’s findings align with Shelter Construction’s, the claim paperwork begins its journey. The loss statement or claim paperwork processed is sent to you with the initial insurance payment, a significant milestone that gets the funds moving toward your home restoration.


Step 5: Pre-Restoration Meeting

This step links you once more with a Shelter Construction representative. You’ll have the opportunity to go through your claim paperwork in detail, discussing the planned work and your choices in colors and styles, ensuring your vision for the restoration is at the forefront.


Step 6: Restoration Begins

With everything agreed upon and the paperwork in order, restoration work commences to bring your home back to its former glory. With a focus on quality materials from trusted brands like TAMKO, Malarkey, CertainTeed, and GAF, your comfort is restored both inside and out.


Step 7: Final Inspections and Invoice

Once restoration work is complete, a city inspector signs off on the job. Proof of completion and the final invoice are then sent to your insurance company, and soon after, the last payment is issued to you. This is a significant step, signifying the conclusion of the claim process and the full restoration of your home.


Step 8: Settle the Final Bill with Confidence

As an honest business practice, Shelter Construction works for the proceeds of your insurance claims, plus your homeowner’s deductible. This transparent approach ensures that you know exactly where your money is going. The final payment is issued to Shelter Construction, and your home is once again a haven, secure and safe.

Regardless of the damage storms bring, your home’s restoration is in capable hands with Shelter Construction LLC. Their process is about more than just repairs; it’s a partnership that puts you, the homeowner, at the forefront of every decision. By choosing Shelter Construction, you’re tapping into a collective experience that understands the complexities of home restoration. Your sanctuary is safe with Shelter Construction!

Turn to the Pros at Shelter Construction

At Shelter, we perform free inspections and consultations, and we will be in business all Winter. We will perform minor repairs during the examination to small damage that we find. Call us at 612-284-6985 or schedule an inspection today on our website!


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