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Do New Roofs Have Warranties? Every major Shingle manufacturer offers warranties for their products but there are all different. The big manufacturers that we work with are Tamko, Malarkey, GAF, and CertainTeed. You can find the specific warranties on each of these companies websites.

When investing in a new roof for your home or business, one of the most important factors to consider is whether it comes with a warranty. Roof warranties can provide peace of mind, protect your investment, and ensure your roof performs optimally for many years to come. In this article, we'll explore the types of warranties that may accompany new roofs, what they typically cover, and how to make the most of them.

Types of Roof Warranties
There are generally two types of warranties available for new roofs: manufacturer warranties and contractor warranties.

  1. Manufacturer Warranties: These warranties cover the roofing materials used in your project, such as shingles, tiles, or metal sheets. They guarantee that the materials are free from defects and that they will perform as expected for a certain period, typically ranging from 20 to 50 years, depending on the product.
  2. Contractor Warranties: Also known as workmanship warranties, these are offered by the roofing contractor or company that installs your new roof. They guarantee the quality of the installation work and usually last for a shorter period than manufacturer warranties, often 1 to 10 years.

What Roof Warranties Typically Cover
Both manufacturer and contractor warranties can vary in terms of what they cover, but in general, you can expect the following:

  • Manufacturer Warranties: These warranties typically cover defects in the roofing materials, such as premature aging, cracking, or splitting of shingles. They might also offer protection against damage caused by wind, hail, and other natural elements, but this depends on the specific product and warranty.
  • Contractor Warranties: These warranties typically cover installation errors or workmanship issues, such as leaks due to improper flashing or poorly sealed joints. They usually do not cover damage from natural disasters, accidents, or wear and tear.

Making the Most of Your Roof Warranty
To ensure you get the most out of your roof warranty, follow these tips:

  • Choose reputable manufacturers and contractors: Research the companies you work with to ensure they have a history of quality products and services.
  • Read the warranty documents carefully: Understand the terms and conditions, including what is and isn't covered, the length of the warranty, and the process for making a claim.
  • Register your warranty: Many manufacturers require you to register your roof warranty within a certain time frame to activate it.
  • Schedule regular inspections and maintenance: Keeping your roof in good condition can help you avoid voiding your warranty. Check the warranty for specific maintenance requirements.
  • Keep documentation: Maintain records of your roof installation, inspections, and maintenance to support any future claims.

New roofs often come with warranties that can protect your investment and provide peace of mind. Both manufacturer and contractor warranties are important, but each has different coverage and terms. Be sure to understand the specifics of your warranties and follow best practices to ensure your roof remains in top condition throughout its warranty period. This way, you'll be well-prepared to address any issues that may arise and maintain a durable, long-lasting roof.

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