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Understanding Your Insurance Claim for Storm Damage in Minnesota

speaking with a homeowner who filed an insurance claim for storm damage

As a homeowner in Minnesota, you know that hail and wind can wreak havoc on your home. When your roof or siding sustains damage from one of these weather events, you may be wondering if filing a claim with your insurance company will result in higher premiums. Let’s explore the answer to this question and other important information you should know when filing an insurance claim for hail, wind, or storm damage.


When Can I File an Insurance Claim?


It is important to understand the difference between hailstorms, windstorms, and storms caused by other factors such as lightning strikes or snowstorms. In the state of Minnesota, homeowners’ insurance companies are required to provide coverage for hail damage caused by storms. This is outlined in the Minnesota Statute section 65A.01 which states that “all policies issued shall contain an endorsement providing coverage for loss due to hail and windstorm damage.” This means that even if you have not purchased additional coverage specifically for storm damage, you may still be able to file a claim for hail or wind damage caused by storms.

Windstorms and other types of storm damage can also be covered by home insurance policies; however not all policies cover wind damage specifically. If you live in an area prone to high winds (such as the Twin Cities) it may be worth it to check your policy specifics to make sure that your coverage includes windstorm damage. In addition to checking your policy language for coverage details relating to hail and/or windstorms before filing an insurance claim for damages related to either of these weather events is essential.


Will My Home Insurance Go Up If I File a Claim?


The short answer is—maybe. Whether or not filing a claim will result in a premium increase depends on several factors such as the total amount paid out on the claim; the number of claims filed by you within a given time period; whether or not the same type of claim has been filed previously; and more. It should also be noted that if you have already exhausted your deductible for any type of loss that occurred during a particular time period then you may not need to pay an additional premium increase if another qualifying loss occurs before the end of that time period. It is always best practice to double check with your insurance provider before making any decisions about whether to file an insurance claim for damages resulting from hail, windstorms, or other types of severe weather events to ensure that all costs associated with filing such a claim are considered prior to submitting it for processing.

Finally, homeowners should also talk with their insurance providers about available discounts for having safety features installed on their homes. Based on your individual policy, things like impact resistant shingles could potentially lower premiums even after filing a storm damage claim. Here are a couple examples from Malarkey Roofing Products and GAF Roofing of impact resistant shingles:

Filing an insurance claim for damages resulting from hail, windstorms or other types of severe weather events can help protect against financial losses due to property repairs but understanding how such claims affect overall premiums is key before taking action. Knowing what kind of coverage is included in your policy; what type(s) of event are covered; and how many claims have already been filed within a given time frame are all important considerations when deciding whether filing an insurance claim makes sense both financially and logistically in any given situation. Ultimately being proactive when it comes understanding what kinds of protection you currently have and what kinds might be necessary going forward can help avoid costly surprises down the line!


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