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What Happens If You Don’t Replace Your Roof?

A quick one – when did you last repair your roof? Can’t remember? Well, many homeowners put their off their roof repair projects, to attend to other ‘more pressing issues,’ or when it’s necessary to carry out repairs. The truth is – your roof doesn’t need regular replacement. However, routine inspection, repairs, and maintenance are […]

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Should I repair or replace my roof?

Your roof keeps your entire home safe from wind and rain. However, it doesn’t last forever, and is susceptible to damage or cracks. Let’s take a look at whether you should repair or replace your roof. Repairing your roof Even if your roof is in decent shape, it’s not a bad idea to repair it […]

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Is a Leaking Roof an Emergency?

Yes, a leaking roof is considered an emergency, and at the very least is always a problem. A leak is messy, dangerous, and sometimes downright expensive to deal with. A small leak can make a big problem—a bigger leak can and has destroyed homes! Water from a leak will spread anywhere it can, the degree […]

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How Do I Stop My Roof From Leaking Inside?

A leaky roof is a big problem. You’re home enjoying a rainy day when you see water coming through the ceiling. You know you have to do something, but what steps will get the leak under control? The first thing you have to do is stabilize the leak from the inside. You’ll need a putty […]

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Can You Reroof in the Rain?

Reroofing can have various causes, such as damaged tiles or leaks. You have control over various factors, including the contractor, material used, the roof color, and others. However, there is one factor beyond your control: the weather. Is it Secure to Replace the Roof during the Rainy Season? Roofing in the rain needs a lot […]

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